Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows: Bernie Sanders is the maximum progressive desire

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows: Bernie Sanders is the maximum progressive desire

Looks as if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a “Bernie Bro” now. After months of hypothesis approximately whether the innovative congresswoman could advocate Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren for president, she is ready to throw her weight behind Sanders at a marketing campaign rally on Saturday.

AOC isn’t the simplest member of the Squad who is team Bernie. Ilhan Omar recommended the Vermont senator for president on Wednesday morning, with a video explaining that she is “one of the people that changed into inspired by means of the movement that the senator has constructed”. Rashida Tlaib is also predicted to suggest Sanders.

The Squad are unashamedly modern. Sanders is the most modern candidate. The reality that Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib are backing him have to come as little wonder. And yet the idea that lady politicians could endorse an antique white man rather than Warren, an antique white girl, regarded to throw a number of people for a loop.

Jane Eisner, as an instance, director of academic affairs at Columbia Journalism college tweeted: “I discover it charming that girls of color forget about woman and minority applicants to propose a white guy. Is ‘identity politics’ over? Is ideology more critical than race and gender? Virtually curious.”

I’ll tell you what I find charming: the fact that the concept of “identity politics” has emerge as so very well distorted that human beings seem to assume it means balloting for the candidate that looks maximum like you, or stocks your sexual preferences, their regulations be damned. The idea that “girls of shade” could align themselves with a candidate really due to their sex or skin coloration is fairly condescending. You can also’t ask whether or not ideology is greater essential than race and gender, due to the fact the three aren’t separate, stand-by myself entities. However as a “lady of coloration” i will tell you right now that ideology is a ways extra important than pores and skin-deep representation.

Here’s the aspect: if Sanders and Warren were absolutely interchangeable in their politics then it would make sense to get in the back of Warren due to the fact she is a lady. The usa is manner past due a girl president. However while Warren and Sanders may be far extra to the left than the rest of the Democrats, their politics are not identical. Warren has made it clear that she is a capitalist at the same time as Sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist. That distinction isn’t a small query of semantics – it’s reflective of a essentially different world view.

I like Warren, don’t get me incorrect. But, for me, one of the maximum essential variations among the two is that Sanders is greater revolutionary in terms of overseas policy. (and that i’d like to remind all of the individuals who seem to suppose that Warren is some distance greater of a feminist than Sanders that girls outdoor the united states count as properly.) Warren isn’t a war-mongerer but she appears to be more concerned with ensuring the navy is environmentally friendly as opposed to putting an quit to American imperialism. Sanders, then again, has spent his entire existence speaking out about the horrors of american overseas policy. Which, of path, has accomplished him zero favours politically: nothing makes you more unpopular with the status quo in this country than suggesting that the us isn’t usually a force for suitable within the world.

That AOC, Omar, and Tlaib are endorsing Sanders in place of Warren makes best experience from an ideological point of view. Their worldviews are a ways more aligned to Sanders than they’re Warren’s. The extra vital question, possibly, is just how sizable this endorsement in reality is. There are currently three schools of thought on this: 1 It doesn’t make any difference; 2 It enables Sanders as it makes him appear extra applicable; 3 It helps Warren as it makes her seem much less radical.

My very own view is that, in terms of the number one, it makes little or no distinction. Sanders isn’t going to get the nomination because the Squad encouraged him, nor will it take a vast wide variety of votes from Warren. However this isn’t to mention that the endorsement isn’t considerable. Having three prominent ladies of coloration vocalize their aid for Sanders makes it harder for the media to maintain pushing the ridiculous concept that he doesn’t connect with women or people of colour. It makes it more difficult to erase his woman following and faux that his most effective lovers are tense Bernie Bros.

The Squad’s endorsement is likewise a reminder that Sanders has carried out extra than any other baby-kisser to push the united states leftwards and make subjects like Medicare for All and free schooling mainstream speakme factors. There are masses of human beings itching for Sanders to drop out of the race and depart, but it’s not going to be that smooth to get rid of him, I’m afraid. Bernie may also in no way grow to be president, however he has already started out a revolution in the us.

Arwa Mahdawi is a guardian columnist


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